Using Atripla for Treatment of HIV/AIDS

Atripla is an antiviral medication that is used to prevent the reproduction of the HIV virus from reproducing more in the body. It only slows down the reproduction of the virus but does not fully cure AIDS or HIV. Although generic Atripla has a lot of health benefits, but when used with certain drugs it can cause some serious drug interaction side effects. The most common drugs that you not combine with Atripla include adefovir and any medication that contains the following compounds; emtricitabine, tenofovir and lamivudine.

The facts you need to know before using Atripla

atriplaOther than the medications mentioned above that should not be combined with Atripla, there are also allergies that will have to be checked. It is advisable that you visit your doctor to make sure that you understand any allergies that you might have before settling on using this medicine. Atripla can have some serious side effects if you do not get tested before you start using it.

You need to be at full disclosure with your doctor if you have conditions such as liver or kidney disease, epilepsy and any other seizure disorders, a history of mental illness or low bone mineral density. The medication for this type of diseases can cause a chain reaction when used together with Atripla. The medication is also not recommended for children who weigh less than 88 pounds.

Some people may develop a condition called lactic acidosis after using Atripla. If you start experiencing mild symptoms such as heavy breathing, numbness, stomach pain, dizziness among others, then immediately contact your doctor to help in keeping the effects on the low side and switch the medicine. This is common in women and people who are overweight.
It is also not advisable to take this medicine if you are pregnant. This medicine could affect your child also. Talk to your doctor to find the perfect medication for your condition.

How to take Atripla Dosage

Atripla medication should be taken exactly as prescribed by the doctor. The doctor must have conducted some tests on your body and knows exactly how much dosage the body needs. Do not increase the dosage thinking that it will make the drug more effective. You will only be increasing the chances of getting the harsh side effects of the drug.

It is advisable that you take this medication on an empty stomach just before bedtime. During the period when you are taking the drug, there will continuous blood test to check on your health. Ensure that you tell the lab staff that you are on Atripla medication so that they can check to see if it is affecting your body in any other way.

Atripla can be bought from your local drug store so long as you have the doctor’s prescription. You can but it online from trusted stores. Atripla price might vary from store to store but the range should not be that large. So long as the patient follows the instructions on the prescription label, then the good health benefits of Atripla will be evident within no time.